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"When we think about CARE and all of the various programs we’re engaged in, at the end of the day, it’s so simple – our focus is women and girls, we empower them, we provide a level of independence and an ability to provide for themselves."

"In my work with CARE in Cuba, I am often inspired and humbled by the resilience of the Cuban people and their solidarity and commitment to social equality despite the difficult situation they face."

"Both taxes and individual donations have helped to fund a wide range of poverty alleviation programs that foster lasting change and empower marginalized individuals. It is something that Canadians should be proud of. It is also something we should make sure our elected officials and those who wish to replace them talk about openly and often as undertakings that define us as Canadians."
The earthquake was the most devastating emergency CARE had responded to since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. While we have achieved much in the intervening five years, the task of rebuilding is ongoing.