How does CARE choose projects to support?

CARE project proposals are developed by our staff in close collaboration with communities, local governments and organizations. This ensures that our projects address the most critical needs of each country. 

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Can I make a donation at my bank or online bank site?

Cash donations can be made to CARE Canada through the online and telephone systems of Canada's major banks: Royal Bank, CIBC, Scotiabank, TD Bank, and the National Bank.

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Is my donation eligible for a tax credit?

Yes. All donations to CARE Canada are eligible for tax credit under the registration number 11883 8333RR0001. Tax-creditable receipts will be issued for all donations of $10 and over unless otherwise requested.

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Why does CARE send me such things as note cards and address labels? Isn't it just a big waste of my donations?

Cards and labels serve two purposes: they raise significant funds for CARE's work with the world's poorest people and when you use these cards and labels, you promote CARE's name and programs. People who receive CARE cards and labels may become interested in knowing more about our work and someday choose to join our family of donors. Most of our donors have indicated they enjoy receiving these items. However if you would rather not receive items like these, just let us know by e-mail donorrelations@care.ca or call 1-800-267-5232.

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Does it make good business sense to send out so many mailings?

At CARE Canada, we monitor our mailings very closely to ensure that money is not wasted. We don't expect our donors to respond to every letter -- but donors tell us that they learn more about how CARE uses their donation. We encourage those who wish to receive fewer mailings to contact us at donorrelations@care.ca or 1-800-267-5232.

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How can I support CARE?

There are several ways to support CARE. You can donate by cheque or money order, or make a credit card donation using your VISA, American Express or MasterCard. You can also support our work through convenient, automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account or credit card (CARE Plan), bequests, gifts of stock, life insurance donations and annuities. Donations can also be made securely over the Internet. To find out more information please visit our how to donate page or call our 1-800-267-5232.

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How do I apply for a job with CARE Canada?

CARE Canada now has a new online applicant registration system. Please visit our employment page to create your online profile and apply to current openings or to be part of our applicant database. If you feel that you have the required experience but do not see an appropriate opening, we encourage you to create your online profile and cv in order to make your resume available to our recruiters for future openings.

CARE Canada does not accept applications submitted through mail, email, telephone, fax or any other means. Once you have created your username and password, please remember to keep your profile and resume up-to-date with your latest contact information, availability to work, and experience.

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If I am hired by CARE Canada to work overseas, is it possible for my family to accompany me?

If you are being employed to work with an emergency program overseas, it is most likely that these postings will be designated as 'unaccompanied'. In areas that are more secure and where there are adequate school and medical facilities, it is usually possible for family members to accompany the CARE staff member. Information as to whether an overseas location is designated as 'accompanied or unaccompanied' is included in each job description under 'Posting Restrictions'.

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Does CARE Canada have volunteer/cooperant placements overseas?

CARE Canada does not have a volunteer program. If you wish to volunteer or work as a cooperant overseas, you should contact some of the Canadian-based volunteer sending agencies such as CUSO, World University Service of Canada, VSO Canada, Canada World Youth, etc.

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Is it possible to secure an internship with CARE Canada?

CARE Canada participates in CIDA's International Youth Internship Program. These internships are generally for a minimum of six months and are open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Terms of Reference for each internship are posted on the CARE Canada website and CIDA's website in March or April each year. CARE Canada also works with Engineers Without Borders to provide internship opportunities for Canadian engineering students, and hosts internships through the University of Toronto's International Development Studies Program. It is generally not possible to find overseas placements for students during the summer months. Please see Internship page for more information on internships with CARE Canada.

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If I register on care.ca, will my credit card information be stored?

CARE Canada does not retain credit card information after the completion of an on-line donation or purchase from the CAREgift Catalogue.  

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Is it safe to enter my credit card? Is the website secure?

All information, including credit card information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. Known as USA/Canada grade encryption, SSL 128-bit encryption is currently the strongest export-grade encryption available. This means that any data sent from the user's computer to CARE Canada is completely secure. CARE Canada does not retain credit card information after the completion of an on-line transaction. We encourage you to ensure you have proper security on your home computer.

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CAREGift Catalogue and Donation Terms & Conditions

For any questions regarding CAREGift Catalogue purchases or donations, including making a donation and tax receipts, please contact our Donor Relations team at donorrelations@care.ca or 1.800.267.5232 (Service is in French and English). 

If you are unhappy with your CAREgift purchase or donation to CARE Canada, we will do our best to rectify the situation. If you require a refund, please notify the Donor Relations team of your request and the reason as soon as possible. You can contact us at 1.800.267.5232  or donorrelations@care.ca or (Service is in French and English).  We will notify you of your refund and you can expect a refund in the same form of payment within 14 business days. 

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