What is Walk In Her Shoes?

 Walk In Her Shoes is a CARE Canada fundraising campaign where participants challenge themselves to walk 8000 steps every day for 8 days and raise money to empower women and girls to fight poverty.  

Women and girls in the developing world walk hours each day to collect basic necessities to keep their family alive. By joining Walk In Her Shoes, you will get a sense of what this is like and raise money for a great cause!

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Why should I participate in Walk In Her Shoes?

Women and girls in the developing world walk on average 6.4 km (8,000 steps) everyday to collect water and other essential items, leaving little time to attend school, access health services or earn a living to support their family. CARE Canada knows that when women and girls are empowered to tackle these issues, entire communities and families benefit. When you raise funds to help CARE provide the tools – education, access to clean water and healthcare, loans to start or grow their businesses etc. – these women and girls have the resources to succeed. 

Additionally, Walk In Her Shoes is a fun, personal and flexible challenge.  Do it on your own or form a team with family and friends.  Get talking, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tell everyone why you are walking in her shoes and what you’re doing each day to reach 8000 steps.  

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Is this Walk in my city?

Walk In Her Shoes is a personal challenge and the walking portion of the campaign is done as an individual or as a team that you assemble. We encourage walkers interested in attending an event to organize their own walk with their teams and invite family and friends to participate. Many of our 2011 walkers did the same and found it to be a fun way to engage their network and increase fundraising.  

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Where do my fundraising dollars go?

CARE is the foremost international humanitarian organization in Canada committed to defending dignity and fighting poverty by empowering women and girls around the world. CARE empowers women and girls by working to improve gender equality, improving access to health services, providing education, building and rehabilitating water/sanitation systems, and livelihoods assistance, including women-focused village savings and loan associations. CARE will use the funds received from Walk In Her Shoes where the need is greatest. 

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How much of the funds raised goes to programming? 

CARE is proud to have low administrative costs of 13%. These means that 87 cents for every dollar raised will go directly towards our work with communities in developing country. 

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Does CARE need volunteers for Walk In Her Shoes?

Because Walk In Her Shoes is a personal challenge, CARE does not require volunteers. Instead, we encourage those wanting to volunteer to help spread the word about Walk In Her Shoes to family and friends, participate in the challenge and organize your own event. 

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Why is there a registration fee?

The registration fee covers our costs to provide participants with a pedometer to track their steps, a Walk In Her Shoes shirt and access to an interactive online fundraising page, making it easier to reach out to your network for pledges. School groups can register for free and receive an education toolkit for the students but will not receive the shirt or pedometer unless they wish to order them. 

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When should I do my challenge?

CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes campaign runs from January to May 31st. Many participants are doing their 8-day challenge in April or early May, allowing ample time to spread the word and reach their fundraising target before the end of the campaign.          

Once you register, you will receive your registration kit in the mail within 7-10 business days.  Your registration kit will include a pedometer, shirt and info kit to get you started.  Additionally, you will be able to create an online fundraising page and send out emails to your network promoting you Walk In Her Shoes challenge and asking for pledges.     

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What should be my fundraising goal?

We suggest that individuals aim to raise $250 each. This may seem daunting but for the Walk In Her Shoes 2011 campaign, many participants easily surpassed that goal.  

Plus, CARE is pleased to offer fabulous incentives and prizes.  When you reach $300, you will receive a beautiful CARE necklace.  Raise $750 and you will be entered into our Grand Prize draw to win a trip to South America, Morocco or Vietnam.  This is your chance to earn a trip of a lifetime! Check out our contest details

Fundraising is easier than expected with the help of your online fundraising page and support from the Walk In Her Shoes team.  

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What if I can’t raise the target amount?

CARE provides effective tips and tools to help you raise the target amount. However, any amount of funds raised will help women and girls fight poverty and your participation is a helpful way to increase awareness around Canada. 

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Can I get a tax receipt for fundraising?

All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt. Tax receipts are valid for Canadian residents only. All donor information, including full name and address, must be provided. 

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If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact CARE Canada with any questions you may have. We can be reached directly at 613-228-5689 or by email at walkinhershoes@care.ca.

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Is Walk In Her Shoes taking place anywhere else in the world? 

Yes, Walk In Her Shoes takes place in Australia, Norway and the United Kingdom.


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