Press Releases

Oct 20, 2014
To mark the Nyerere Day national holiday in Tanzania on Oct.
Oct 17, 2014
Since the deadly Ebola outbreak began in West Africa, over 4,000 people have died and the number of cases will soon rise to more than 9,000. The World Health Organization warned this could dramatically escalate to 10,000 new cases per week by December.
Oct 14, 2014
H&M Conscious Foundation and CARE today launched a three-year global partnership on strengthening women. H&M Conscious Foundation will donate 60 million SEK (€ 6,8 million) in the partnership program.
Oct 14, 2014
(OTTAWA) The Humanitarian Coalition is proud to announce the creation of the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF). This new funding stream will increase the ability of our member agencies to respond to underfunded small-scale disasters and emergencies throughout the world.
Oct 06, 2014
New report from global aid agencies says number of people facing hunger could rise by 1 million in early 2015
Sep 30, 2014
CARE is deeply concerned about the influx of more than 140,000 Syrian refugees who have crossed the border to Turkey in recent days. 
Sep 26, 2014
The needless death of too many mothers and children from lack of proper health services, food and nutrition is a situation that continues to d
Sep 24, 2014
With harvesting season approaching, CARE has called for urgent action to reduce needless deaths from hunger and malnutrition.
Aug 19, 2014
This World Humanitarian Day, CARE Canada is calling on governments and international actors to show a renewed commitment to the protection of humanitarian aid workers everywhere.
Sep 14, 2014
The current Ebola outbreak is, by far, the deadliest-ever outbreak of this rare, severe and usually fatal hemorrhagic fever.  As of mid-August, almost 1,300 people have been infected, the overwhelming majority of them in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.
Jul 31, 2014
CARE is deeply concerned by the continuing spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa and is committed to working closely with health officials in the region to help educate the public and end this outbreak.
Jul 21, 2014
At the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia, CARE is urging governments and health groups to ensure gender inequality is tackled as part of efforts to com
Jul 18, 2014
CARE and its partners are preparing to provide emergency mobile health teams to serve people affected by the violence in Gaza. 
Jul 11, 2014
Over the last few days, Gaza and southern Israel have seen a severe escalation of violence. 
Jun 21, 2014
To mark World Refugee Day, CARE Canada is joining the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) at a public event held today at Ottawa City Hall.
Jun 13, 2014
CARE is deeply concerned about the current crisis in Iraq and its humanitarian impact.
Jun 10, 2014
CARE's high-level delegation is at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict (London, UK, June 10-13).
Jun 09, 2014
For almost 20 years, international aid organisation CARE has addressed the causes of gender-based violence and its effect on survivors in both conflict and stable development settings.
Jun 04, 2014
(This Op-Ed was originally published in Embassy Newspaper on June 4, 2014)   Saving Lives: The Steep Climb to the Cot
Apr 29, 2014
(Juba) - The undersigned non-governmental organisations (NGOs) express deep concern at the serious escalation in violence in South Sudan, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians and is exacerbating an already profound humanitarian crisis.