Emergency Relief

In an emergency, timing is crucial. CARE has the resources and experience necessary to respond quickly to deal with major crises.

How do we do it?

  • Immediate response and long-term recovery – CARE is among the first to arrive and the last to leave, helping communities recover and rebuild when disaster strikes.
  • Refugee support – Meeting emergency life-saving needs and providing longer-term development assistance, while helping maintain people’s dignity and respect. CARE works with refugees, internally-displaced persons and local populations who face the sudden influx of people in their community.
  • A special focus on women and girls – Women and girls are particularly vulnerable during an emergency. CARE ensures their unique security, food and health needs are met.
  • Preparing in advance – Our teams are on the ground right now working to prepare the most vulnerable communities should an emergency arise.

Help CARE immediately respond to emergencies and prepare communities for future disasters.


Syrian refugee crisis: CARE is supporting thousands of refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria. 

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Syria: CARE is supporting thousands of refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria.

Nepal earthquakes: CARE is coordinating with its partners on the ground to provide temporary shelter, clean water and food – all life-saving support needed in the early days following a disaster. 

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El Niño: Weather disruptions claimed around 21,000 lives and have so far caused at least $35 billion US worth of destruction worldwide. This year, El Niño is set to be the strongest since records began in 1950. Millions of people across the world are already suffering from lack of food and water. Acting faster to help will save more lives.

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Ongoing & Past Emergencies