Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

Want to help a community lift itself from poverty? Start with the mothers. For more than six decades, mothers and children have been central to CARE Canada. Our experience shows that improving maternal and child health is essential for helping communities lift themselves out of poverty.

The Canadian government’s important investments made through the Muskoka Initiative have allowed CARE Canada to significantly upscale our maternal and child health efforts. This work targets four countries where the need is greatest: Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

CARE’s maternal and child health projects will not only improve the lives of mothers and children, their positive impact will ripple across entire communities. By the time these projects are completed in 2015, they are expected to reach more than 2.3 million people.

Featured projects:


The Tabora Adolescent and Safe Motherhood (TABASAM) project in Tanzania is working to safeguard women’s health during pregnancy, childbirth and through the immediate postnatal period.

ARNI - Zimbabwe

The ARNI project in Zimbabwe seeks to equip farmers, health workers and families with knowledge and training to ensure mothers and children enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet.


Check out our cook book, Cook With CARE, which was originally produced as part of CARE Canada’s Muskoka Initiative project to improve the health and nutrition of vulnerable women and children in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.