CARE works with individuals and communities in more than 90 countries around the world.

At the heart of CARE's work is our dedication to defending dignity and fighting poverty by empowering the world's greatest resource for change – women and girls.

The conflict in South Sudan has impacted millions; however it is not just violence that has destroyed lives. Lack of basic health care services, disease outbreaks, and high rates of chronic malnutrition have been made worse by the conflict.
In February 2016, Batoul packed a bag, carried her four-month-old baby, and headed into the unknown all by herself. She travelled thousands of kilometres and faced many obstacles until she reached Serbia in June later that year. She is determined to make it to Germany and reunite with her husband.
‪‎South Sudan‬ is now 5 years old. So is Zeieya. Five years after independence, conflict, instability and risk of famine threaten the country's future and Zeieya's future.
Summer marks the start of the wedding season in Canada - but imagine planning a wedding in the midst of a war zone. Twenty-six-year-old Hana Al-Showafi finally married her fiancé after much postponing, despite the ongoing war in Yemen.
As South Sudan marks 5 years of independence, millions remain displaced, are in need of humanitarian assistance, and face starvation. Five year old Chianyal lives in a protected area with her family. Her story represents the millions of South Sudanese hoping for a better future.
Imagine having to sell your wedding ring, or another item that is precious to you? Imagine having no crops due to flooding and no money to buy food with? Thanks to CARE, and support from donors like YOU, Koriful was able to start a business and get back on track.
CARE Canada's Marnie Davidson recently returned from a trip to Zambia where she met Susan - a passionate teacher who is not only educating her young students on the importance of nutrition, but her entire community.
A picturesque CARE distribution centre in Eastern Ethiopia is bustling with activity. The natural splendour of the area is in contrast with the horror families are facing in light of the current food shortage. Here are some of the stories of the women and children surviving the drought, thanks to their own determination and support from CARE.
Gladys Gaba Cyrus is 42 years old and living as a refugee in Dadaab camp in Kenya. Gladys is a single mother of five after her husband left her alone in the camp to return to South Sudan. She shares her experience living as a refugee in Dadaab and how CARE has made a difference in her life.