CARE works with individuals and communities in more than 90 countries around the world.

At the heart of CARE's work is our dedication to defending dignity and fighting poverty by empowering the world's greatest resource for change – women and girls.

In a three-year global partnership CARE and the H&M Foundation focus on strengthening women to ensure women’s full participation in all walks of life. Ethar is one of them.
Andarieta Titosse is a widow and mother of three children living in Mozambique. Her youngest child, Nércia, is less than seven months old and was severely malnourished until CARE helped provide the family with emergency food aid.
Read about how Ghozlan, a 9 year-old Syrian refugee, was able to go back to school in Jordan thanks to a little help from CARE.
“It’s becoming more and more difficult to go to school, as I have to do so many other things and sometimes I feel very tired.” Fourteen year-old Patiente hopes the drought in Mozambique won't force her to drop out of school.
Three voices from humanitarians delivering aid inside Syria on World Humanitarian Day.
A compelling overview of the unshakable commitment of CARE Yemen’s staff, written by Ram Das, Emergency Coordinator, CARE International in Yemen.
CARE’s Country Director in South Sudan, Fred McCray, writes about the challenges of working in a conflict setting.
Halima, a 41-year-old mother of six, takes refuge in a settlement for displaced people following an attack on her village in Niger. She tries to keep busy and help others despite, the fear of another attack.
"In spite of war, we will play music and do art. We will live.” 26-year-old Roqaia is choosing to make beautiful art in the middle of the war in Yemen.