In response to the conflict in Syria, CARE is providing life-saving assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt and to people affected by the crisis in Syria. 

12.2 million Syrians need assistance
3.9 million people have fled to neighbouring countries 


You can help provide life-saving assistance to those affected by crisis in Syria.


So far, CARE has helped more than 850,000 people. It is our goal to reach one million people with emergency support.

Jordan: To date, CARE has reached more than 390,000 people in Jordan.

This includes supporting refugees and host families with cash to buy food, pay rent and bills, seek medical care and purchase household essentials. CARE also distributed blankets, mattresses and heaters to help families face the cold winter months. In addition, we run support centres for refugees, where Syrian families have received relief items and information on obtaining health care and other services.

CARE has also partnered with the UN Refugee Agency to provide vital services at the Azraq refugee camp, including providing refugees with information, running the community centres and offering psychosocial support.

Lebanon: In Lebanon, CARE is working to meet refugees’ most pressing needs, mainly providing water, sanitation, shelter and cash assistance in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Tripoli.

These projects have so far reached more than 61,000 people.

Turkey: CARE will deliver blankets, hygiene kits and food to refugees in towns near the Syrian border that have seen a huge influx of people, where many are sleeping in parks, schools or mosques or seeking shelter in the Turkish Government-run camps. To begin with, CARE plans to reach 30,000 people in Southern Turkey with blankets, food and hygiene kits.

Egypt: CARE is raising awareness among refugees of sexual exploitation and other forms of gender-based violence to protect them from abuse. We also plan to help refugees with cash and other material assistance to help meet their most basic needs.

Syria: CARE is providing life-saving emergency assistance to people affected by the conflict in Syria. We are providing food and emergency supplies to families, and emergency medical equipment and support for women. Working with local partners, CARE has so far reached 261,000 people inside Syria.

CARE is impartial and neutral and we do not take sides. We provide assistance based on need alone.



 "Sometimes we only had dry bread and water"- Volunteering brings life and hope to Azraq Refugee Camp

Thunayya is one of some 20,000 Syrian refugees residing in Azraq camp, and one of 1,800 participating in an incentive-based volunteer program in the camp, according to a recent assessment by CARE International in Jordan. Read more



"If not for your help, all hope is lost."

CARE's Regional Syria Response Communications CoordinatorMary Kate MacIsaac, spoke to a family seeking refuge from the violence in Syria in Turkey. She explains how, with few options, Syrian refugees require assistance as they await return to destroyed homes. Read more



CARE Lebanon – Syria Crisis “It burns in my heart – we want to return…”

Hadija with son fled Syria with her family in late 2012. They have found refuge in an old chicken coop in the village of Rachine, near Tripoli, Lebanon, where CARE is supporting Syrian refugees through rehabilitating toilets, providing sinks, water filters, and tanks. Read Hadija's story



CARE marks World Refugee Day: We're really #NotThatDifferent

June 20th is World Refugee Day and to mark this day, CARE Canada has launched a social media campaign to provide a fresh look at the way Canadians see Syria’s refugees, called #NotThatDifferent. Read more



'Girls my age should be wearing school uniforms, not wedding dresses'
"I want to fight against child marriage; I want to learn as much as possible and excel in school and become a journalist." Read more.



CARE Alert: Winter Storm Strikes Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan
“For refugees already living in very precarious circumstances, this is yet another blow. Millions have fled from the conflict, with few if any belongings, and now they must face the biting cold of winter." Read more.



Human Rights Day: A Hand Up for Hamid
“Poverty prevails as the gravest human rights challenge in the world. ... By tackling poverty as a matter of human rights obligation, the world will have a better chance of abolishing this scourge in our life time.” Read more.



Jordan: Anguish for Refugees with Disabilities
An estimated one in five Syrian refugees is affected by physical, sensory or intellectual impairment. To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we share with you the story of one family CARE met in Jordan. Read more.



Rapid Funds Leads to Rapid Response: CARE in Turkey
As a result of the fighting in Kobane, Syria, there was a rush of thousands of refugees to Turkey. CARE needed to quickly respond. Read more.




Lebanon: Better Hygiene Means a Better Life
Good hygiene and sanitation are essential to the health and safety of vulnerable populations, especially during an emergency. Read more.




In Syria and neighbouring countries, refugee families lack protection against winter weather
“It may be unimaginable for us in Canadian cities to go through winter without heating and warm clothes, but thousands of families like ours will be doing just that in the weeks and months to come. What does it say about us if we shrug and move on?” Read more.

CARE Supporting Refugees in Turkey
CARE is deeply concerned about the influx of more than 140,000 Syrian refugees who have crossed the border to Turkey in recent days. “This is a major humanitarian emergency, with tens of thousands of people in need of shelter, food and water,” says John Uniack Davis, country director of CARE Turkey who was part of CARE’s initial assessment team at the border region. Read more.



We are Not Helpless: Responding to the Nightmare in Syria
"Syria's refugees aren’t so different from you or me, except the circumstances they find themselves in is a difficult and oftentimes desperate situation." Read more.




Dear World: The Syrian Humanitarian Crisis
CARE invited photographers Robert Fogarty and Ben Reece to Jordan to see the Syrian refugee crisis up close. The team asked refugees to write their “message to the world” on their hands, arms or face to share with the world, and then photographed them.


"Don't Lose Hope"
Refugee schoolchildren in Dadaab, Kenya have a special message for Syrian refugees: You are not alone.  


BLOG: Hidden Lives and the Struggle to Survive
"We in the international community cannot allow the youth and children of Syria to become a lost generation, raised in poverty without opportunities." Read more. 


NEWS: Urban Syrian refugees struggle to make ends meet in Jordan
Half a million Syrian refugees in urban areas in Jordan are struggling more than ever to cope with inadequate housing, high debts, rising costs of living and educational challenges for their children, a new study by CARE International has found. Read more.
The full report is available here.


 NEWS: Three Years of Crisis in Syria
It is with immense sorrow and concern that the Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies note the three-year mark of the conflict in Syria. Read more.

On March 14, 2014 CARE Canada marked the third year anniversary of the Syrian conflict by holding red balloons to support the global #WithSyria campaign.

On March 14, 2014 CARE Canada marked the third year anniversary of the Syrian conflict by holding red balloons to support the global #WithSyria campaign.

Escape from Syria
Eleven-year-old Rafa and her family fled from Homs, Syria when bullets were coming through the walls of their home. Now they get cash assistance from CARE to help pay for rent and food in the Jordanian capital of Amman. Read more.

Finding a Place for a Girl to go to School
Although her mother wishes for Hanan to go to school in Jordan, and school is free, there’s a problem. The schools are full. Read more.