Sahel Region Food Crisis

Pastoralist women carry water in jerry cans on their head and back through the semi-desert region of Diffa, Eastern Niger, 2012.

Human Impact: Approximately 18 million people affected

CARE Response

  • Cash-for-work programs
  • Malnutrition training for nurses
  • Strengthening community cereal banks
  • Stocking animal feed banks
  • Reinforcing community-based early warning systems.

A food crisis is unfolding in the Sahel region of West Africa due to erratic rain falls, ongoing conflict and rising food prices. The worst-affected countries are Niger, Chad and Mali, where malnutrition rates are now reaching emergency levels. 

Disaster Declared

The governments of Niger, Mali and Chad have all declared a disaster and have appealed for international help. If action is taken now, there is still time to prevent more families from plunging into a humanitarian disaster.

Our Work

CARE is providing aid for those hardest by the crisis. In Niger, CARE is focusing on providing nutritional assistance as well as building resiliency to continued food insecurity. 

CARE continues to support access to clean water and sanitation, as well as improved livelihoods for both refugees and people of Eastern Chad. 

Joining Forces

Recognizing the huge scale of this crisis and the need to work collectively to bring urgent assistance to disaster survivors, CARE Canada is proud to participate in the HUMANITARIAN COALITION.  By joining our efforts, the members of the HUMANITARIAN COALITION will save more lives and reduce the costs of fundraising.  To find out more, please visit


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