We Mark Three-Year Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

Jan 08, 2013


As the three-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti approaches, the member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition want to collectively take a moment to reflect on the successes and challenges that have marked the complex recovery efforts in that country.

First and foremost, it is the people of Haiti who must be commended for their courage and resilience in the face of catastrophic material destruction and immeasurable human suffering. Immediately after the earthquake, they were the first responders, helping family, friends, and neighbours as all struggled to reach safer grounds.

The member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition have been working in Haiti for decades. When disaster struck, they were able to respond quickly to the most pressing needs of the Haitian people in Port-au Prince and other affected areas.

Over the last three years, they have focused on a wide range of programs, including water and sanitation, food security, basic education, maternal and child health, birth registration, and inclusive and accountable governance. As part of their commitment to the country’s long-term economic sustainability, they are also building more disaster resilient structures, including schools, developing livelihoods projects in camps and neighbourhoods, and investing in the agricultural sector.

Since the cholera outbreak of October 2010, a number of our agencies are dedicating additional resources to the spreading of prevention messages, the promotion of good hygiene practices, and support for medical facilities.

While much remains to be done across all regions of Haiti, our member agencies and their local partners remain committed to the country’s recovery. Together, we are making a difference and helping the Haitian people as they continue to strengthen the health, safety, and future of their communities.


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