A mother’s anguish: Rita’s story

When the first earthquake struck Nepal in April 2015, 25 year-old Rita dug out her one month old newborn from the rubble but was not able to save her 4 year-old daughter.

Today Rita lives out of her plastic greenhouse where her family dries nettles. Her village was higher up, making it more susceptible to heavy destruction and fatalities. The scale of the eathquakes that ravaged Nepalis massive. Nearly 9,000 people were killed, thousands more injured and about 890,000 houses have been either destroyed or damaged.

Sindupal Chowk was one of the worst affected areas. A team of CARE staff visited the Village Development Comittee (VDC) of Baruwa, Sindupalchowk District to assess the damage and plan effective relief to the remote villages around there. From the nearest town of Milamchi Baruwa is a 9 kilometer, 4-wheel ride on a mud road through waterfalls cracked earth, after which a three hour trek through winding roads and landslides leads you to the village. All the villages on the way are also completly destroyed. Out of the 507 families living in 1000 buildings including barns etc, only 50 remain standing in their coloumns, and 206 people have lost their lives. No aid has yet reached the village even 8 days after the quake. As food becomes scarce and rains approach within the month, urgent measures are needed for VDC’s like Baruwa which are cut off in the remote mountain areas of Sindupalchowk.

Now that the initial emergency phase is over, CARE is focusing on transitioning from emergency relief to recovery. CARE will work with communities to help them build back safer homes and cash voucher programs. CARE plans to reach at least 100,000 people with further assistance in the coming months.

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