CARE Canada CEO welcomes Government of Canada’s new plan for Iraq, Syria and the region

CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth today welcomed the Government of Canada’s new plan for Iraq, Syria and the region.

“The crisis in Syria must ultimately be met with a diplomatic solution,” said Gillian Barth, CEO and President of CARE Canada. “As the crisis in Syria enters its sixth year, however, Syrians and host communities have exhausted resources and depleted their capacity to deal with repeated shocks.

“Towards this end, we are glad that the Government’s new plan is more than an anti-ISIS mission, but rather a plan for the region that recognizes that Canada has both a responsibility and a national interest in responding to basic humanitarian needs and helping communities hosting millions of displaced women, men, and children throughout the region.”

“The approach announced today recognizes that regional stability hinges on our efforts to build the resilience of host communities in Syria and the surrounding countries, and to ensure that millions of civilians are afforded the protection they need to obtain employment, education and other basic services they require to rebuild their lives.

“It is significant that the humanitarian and development funding committed by the Government is being offered over three years. This is a protracted crisis, and longer term agreements will enable humanitarian organizations and development partners to plan a more integrated path to stability.

“We were pleased to note the Government’s commitment to upholding the principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity and independence, and to working with humanitarian and development partners towards these objectives.

“We urge the government to urgently concentrate diplomatic efforts promised in today’s announcement on working with parties to the conflict to secure humanitarian access to communities cut off from basic needs such as food, water, shelter and electricity.”


CARE has been working to support people affected by the crisis since July 2012, providing life-saving assistance to more than 1.4 million people in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and inside Syria. CARE Canada coordinates emergency programming on behalf of CARE International’s 14 members.

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