Seeing a Difference: Improving Maternal Health in Tanzania

As part of our efforts to better understand the impact of our projects, CARE’s monitoring and evaluation teams regularly interview various community members.

Below are a few short snippets we are happy to share from women and men seeing a difference from our TABASAM maternal and child health project in Tanzania.

Saidi Kidatula

A husband and father of three, Saidi is a volunteer community health worker in the Sikonge District of Tanzania.

He says that to achieve a healthier community, people need to learn about maternal health. This is why he has dedicated his time, experience and knowledge to help CARE improve maternal health education as a community health worker.

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Regina Alphonce Nshimba

Being a mother herself, Regina says there is still much to do to educate women and girls about maternal and child care. Hence, she joined CARE’s maternal and child health project with one goal in mind: to educate her community members about the importance of regular medical check-ups during pregnancy.

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Nyamizi Juma

Although both she and her husband help provide for the family, when Nyamizi Juma, 38, was pregnant with twin girls, they needed a little extra money to pay for the complicated delivery.

Thankfully, Nyamizi was able to receive a loan from a village savings and loans association developed through the TABASAM project in her community.

Such savings and loans groups are used in CARE’s maternal and child projects as a powerful tool for sharing important information. Nyamizi says she has learned about women’s health during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period along with family planning, breastfeeding and caring for small children.

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Chiku Hassan

Chiku Hassan, 50, joined a village savings and loans association created through the TABASAM project. Since then, she has managed to save some money and receive a loan, which she put into growing her banana selling business.

The profit she has earned has allowed her to contribute to her family’s expenses and cover many costs that her husband previously could not afford.

She says her participation in the savings and loans group has changed her life completely, broadening her horizons as an entrepreneur and expanding her knowledge of maternal and reproductive health.

Edward Katawanya Mkumbi

Edward Katawanya Mkumbi, 38, has been a community health worker supporting CARE’s maternal and child health project in Tanzania for almost a year.

He told our team that thanks to the training he received, he has been able to raise awareness on the importance of attending health clinics and danger signs pregnant women should monitor.

And it’s paying off.

In the past three months, four women have delivered safely in his local health centre and attendance in a nearby facility has increased from 30 women per month to 68.

Dr. Philipina Titus Philipo

In an interview, Dr. Philipina Titus Philipo, district medical officer of Sikonge District in Tanzania, told us about the benefits of CARE’s maternal and child health project.

“It is wonderful. I wouldn’t expect the TABASAM project could implement what is happening now in my district,” she said.

Local community health workers have helped expand knowledge in the community, which she said has increased the number of antenatal visits and health facility deliveries.


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