5 Ways CARE helps moms (and babies) around the world

1. We get nutty!

Your support helps to provide access to healthy food and extra food to pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and young children. CARE distributes nutritional supplements like Plumpy Nut and Plumpy Sup – a high protein, high-carb food to help pregnant women and their young children make up nutrients they may be lacking.

2. Mixing it up!

Your support helps CARE provide cooking demonstrations and classes to moms that introduce them to new meals that are packed with nutrients for both them and their families! For only $20, you can give cooking classes today!

3. Washing our hands of it!

CARE helps improve personal hygiene and overall community sanitation, which has a great impact on the health of pregnant women and their little ones, who are more susceptible to illness from poor sanitation. In Ethiopia for instance, we worked with government health officials to build building latrines in individual households and throughout communities, and by educating people on basic hygienic practices such as washing hands and using latrines.

4. Banking on savings!

In our health and nutrition projects around the world, we have helped women start savings groups (village savings and loan associations: hyperlink) that allow them to cover catastrophic health expenses which often prevent them from accessing health services. The income from the groups also give mothers the money they need to purchase food during lean seasons to stave off hunger and malnutrition and even allow them to start their own businesses so they can become independent and provide for their families. VSLA’s have also proven to be especially effective ways to bring together community members and impart knowledge, particularly knowledge about health and nutrition, especially for pregnant women, new moms and young children.

5. A doctor a day…

Pre and pots-natal health is extremely imprtant for pregnant and new moms. That's why CARE helps women get access to health services like clinics and trained professional care, as well as education on how to care for themselves and their wee ones. It's not just moms that are given advic either – many dads come away with a greater understanding of how to keep their families healthy too!

When you give to CARE, you’re helping moms and babies become healthier and happier for the long-haul.