Nepal: Providing quality care after the earthquake

Amrita Giri, a 25 year-old woman from Gorkha, was pregnant with her second child when she visited the Palungtar birthing center supported by CARE Nepal.

Amrita was nervous to visit the birthing center as she was aware that the health facility was damaged by the Nepal earthquake last year. The Palungtar Health post is centrally located and therefore receives many pregnant women. However, the infrastructure and the services provided by the health facility were severely compromised by the earthquake.

Naturally, Amrita was worried whether she would receive quality care. However, she felt comfortable once she was informed by the birthing center staff regarding the availability of the required equipments.

“I was relieved when the staff at the birthing center assured me that they have all the equipment required to deliver my baby”, says Amrita.

CARE Nepal has been supporting many birthing centers in the area by providing and transporting equipment. CARE has also been training birthing center attendants to improve their skills during emergencies.

The attendants have also been providing valuable information to patients and their families on various topics, such as breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Amrita’s husband was given advice on these topics.

“It was very helpful to learn about the importance of breastfeeding; I can take care of my wife in a better way now,” he says.

Amrita and her husband are happy about their decision to visit Palungtar birthing center. Amrita gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Both mother and baby are healthy.

You can help provide life-saving health care to pregnant women like Amrita after disaster strikes.