CARE to provide relief and recovery assistance following Sri Lanka mudslides

At least 134 people have died and more than 400,000 have been affected by the biggest landslides ever in Sri Lanka due to heavy monsoon rains.

More than 300,000 people are currently sheltering in provisional camps. Among the greatest needs are clean water, food, sanitary facilities and items such as tarpaulin sheets, kitchen utensils, water cans, water purification systems and tablets, tents, water pumps, generators, boots and insecticides.

CARE is preparing to distribute packs containing much needed relief items such as sanitary equipment and dry food rations to some of the most affected areas, with an emphasis on ensuring that the particular needs of women, girls, men and boys are adequately met. CARE is also planning to provide support to families when they return from camps to restart their lives and restore livelihoods through cash for work programs.

“With one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit Sri Lanka in the last decade, CARE will help provide the assistance people need after having lost their homes and livelihoods. Our teams are currently visiting affected communities to determine how we can best contribute to the relief effort. We are particularly concerned by the situation facing women-headed households, who are among the most vulnerable in this situation” says Kamanee Hapugalle, CARE Sri Lanka’s acting country director.


CARE has spokespeople available in Sri Lanka. Contact:

Darcy Knoll
Communications Specialist | CARE Canada | 613.228.5641