Syria Crisis: CARE Statement on Aleppo Besiegement

In the Syrian governorate of Aleppo, the Castello Road, which is the main access point for food, humanitarian assistance, and fuel for ambulances and hospitals in the city, has been entirely severed.

One of CARE’s implementing partners delivering aid in Aleppo has confirmed that attempts to continue delivery of assistance has been seriously affected by the ongoing escalation of attacks in the area, with the organization’s office having been directly hit and subject to serious damage.

Another CARE partner attempting to deliver rapid response assistance to up to 18,000 individuals has also confirmed the dire conditions in the area, and the urgent need for a safe passage of aid to those displaced by this latest escalation of the crisis. There are reports of at least 300,000 people in Eastern Aleppo being completely cut off from aid. The United Nations reports that their partners in Aleppo only have food reserves that could serve around 145,000 people for one month.

CARE is continuing to provide emergency assistance in northern Syria, both cash and in-kind. Yet, some of the basic items, such as wheat, sugar, and salt are entirely unavailable, while some other essential items are available in very small quantities and for very high prices.

One of CARE’s Syrian cross border team members working directly with communities on the ground commented on the situation saying: “As a Syrian, I am overwhelmed with concern for the safety of our communities and our partners. Many of our team members come from the Aleppo area, a place once viewed as a city of hope, love, and life, where communities lived together in peace. This situation is devastating, but we shall continue our work and our commitment to the future of Syria and the Syrian people.”

CARE, through partners, is also coordinating with local communities to identify those most vulnerable requiring immediate assistance. However, the continued attacks and massive scale of need among these affected populations is overwhelming agencies’ capacities to deliver in light of such heightened insecurity and risk. CARE is highly alarmed at the continued attacks on civilians and humanitarian personnel delivering life-saving assistance, and urges all actors to intervene immediately to end besiegement on Aleppo and all besieged areas in Syria, and calls for an immediate ceasefire to allow provision of essential supplies and services to help save the lives of millions of civilians.


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