CARE Canada Statement after President Obama’s Leaders’ Summit on Refugees

CARE Canada welcomes the achievement of the objectives set out for President Obama’s Leaders’ Summit on Refugees.

The 30 per cent increase in humanitarian aid, the doubling of permanent resettlement, and the pledges to expand access to education, work and health services will help some refugees live more self-reliant and dignified lives.

However, today’s commitments, if met, will address only a miniscule fraction of the challenges facing the world’s 21.3 million refugees. It remains unclear what will be done to protect women and girls, to expand safe and legal routes to asylum, and to ensure that life-saving humanitarian aid can be delivered safely – to avoid further tragic bombings of aid workers and conveys, as occurred just yesterday near Aleppo.

Moreover, today’s commitments do little to address the manifold challenges that continue to drive displacement around the world. Over the last two days, civil society leaders, UN agencies and world leaders alike have underlined that the global refugee challenge is symptomatic of a collective failure to address conflict and instability, poverty and inequality, climate change and the erosion of opportunities for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Nevertheless, we remain pleased that states are pushing forward to address the growing need of the world's displaced. We hope leaders return in one year to clearly outline achievements made.


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