Siege in Aleppo: Delivering humanitarian aid inside Syria

“I was in bed when a nearby explosion shook me from my sleep around 5:00 AM. I looked from my room window, and found that a shell had landed and exploded directly in front of my home, destroying the two buildings opposite us.”

That’s what 24 year-old Ahmad, a staff member of one of CARE’s partners in eastern Aleppo, woke up to this morning. Ahmad is one of 275,000 civilians trying to survive the ongoing shelling of the besieged city of Aleppo, Syria every day.

For humanitarian aid organizations like CARE, desperately trying to get aid to people inside Syria, access is nearly impossible and fraught with risk. Aid workers have become targets as we have seen in recent news, leaving already vulnerable women, men and children without the basic necessities of life.

Despite the danger and uncertainty, CARE and our partners in Syria continue to risk their lives to get essentials like food baskets and hygiene kits to the families of Aleppo. Many of these families were forced into the countryside from the city during the most recent ceasefire, which collapsed after an aid convoy was attacked on September 19.

Almost one million people are living under siege across Syria – 275,000 of them in eastern Aleppo. Without access to food, clean water, or electricity, families are under frequent bombardment from airstrikes and shelling. Hospitals continue to be specifically targeted.

Across Syria, 38 per cent of Syrians are reportedly food insecure with many sending their children to beg, borrowing from family and friends, reducing meal sizes or skipping meals altogether.

CARE is supporting families with hygiene kits and food baskets, including rice, lentils, canned meat and vegetable oil.

CARE calls for protection of all civilians and humanitarian workers, and demands humanitarian access and evacuation of critical patients from Aleppo.

Help provide life-saving supplies like food and hygiene kits for the families of Aleppo.