COP22 Climate Change Conference: Quotes + CARE Spokespeople Available

With the Paris Climate Change Agreement officially coming into force Nov. 4, governments will meet next week to determine how to put this landmark agreement into action.

From November 7-18, officials from across the world will travel to Marrakesh, Morocco for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP22).

CARE will be sending a delegation for this summit with members from countries including Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, the Netherlands, and the US.

CARE believes a successful outcome of COP22 depends on significant progress on emission reductions in line with the 1.5 degrees limit, enhanced support for gender-equitable solutions on climate change loss, damage and displacement, and work programmes to promote food security, gender equality and human rights.


Santiago Alba Corral (Canadian), Senior Director of International Development for CARE Canada:
“Climate change is driving global inequality, threatening the livelihoods of billions of people – especially women and girls. If we want the energy put into last year’s Paris Agreement to have real meaning, then now is the time for action to accelerate our efforts to help the world’s poorest people adapt to a changing climate.”

Sven Harmeling, CARE International’s Climate Change Advocacy Coordinator: “Climate change loss and damage disproportionately affects the people who are the least responsible for its causes, undermines the fulfilment of their human rights and exacerbates gender inequality. COP22 must take steps to strengthen the UN loss and damage mechanism, scale up financial support for gender-equitable adaptation and expand the UNFCCC work programme on gender.”

Tonya Rawe, CARE’s global policy lead on Food & Nutrition Security: “Agriculture is central to many national climate action plans. Millions of people suffer from increasing hunger and malnutrition due to adverse climate change impacts, and the Paris Agreement for the first time recognizes the importance of food security. CARE calls on governments to promote sustainable, productive, equitable and resilient agriculture. Establishing a work programme on Agriculture and Food Security at COP22 will enable governments and civil society to advance learning and catalyse action that safeguards food security in the face of climate change.”


To arrange an interview with a member of CARE’s delegation in Morocco, contact:

Darcy Knoll
Communications Specialist | CARE Canada | +1.613.790.2134

For media attending the conference or for requests before 6:30 a.m. EST, journalists may also contact:

Camilla Schramek | | +45 50 22 92 88

(French requests) Laury-Anne Bellessa | | +33 6 24 61 85 37