Dreams become reality in Côte d’Ivoire: Thérèse’s story

Thérèse Gbe sell beverages from her home in Man, Côte d’Ivoire. She belongs to a savings group as part of CARE's POWER Africa project and she plans to use her share of the savings to invest in other merchandise to sell alongside the drinks. Her business has enabled her to pay her children's school fees and to support her husband, as he is retired and can only access a pension.

In May 2016, Thérèse partnered with a woman in her community to reopen a restaurant. Both Thérèse and her partner contribute funds to their business through loans from the savings group, by splitting the costs of running the restaurant, and sharing the work. Thérèse works in the morning and her partner takes over in the afternoon. They sell rice, Placali (a paste of fermented cassava), foutou (dough-like, often eaten with soup) and various sauces. Their customers are very happy and Thérèse says the business is going well. She is excited, as running a restaurant has been her dream since she was a girl. She dreams of having a bigger restaurant in the future.

Thérèse says that she is continuing her drink business on the side, which allows her family to eat and live well.

Thérèse's entrepreneurial spirit has also made an impression on her daughter who has opened her own business – a hair salon.

Thanks to POWER and her membership in the savings group, Thérèse's dreams are becoming a reality. As her savings grow, she will be able to open a bigger restaurant, and she will be able to access a loan through her group if needed.

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