2016 Reflection: Aleppo, Haiti and the need for hope

There is no question about it – the past twelve months have seen their fair share of crises and uncertainties…

As the Syrian refugee crisis heightens to unfathomable proportions, a besieged Aleppo has been reduced to rubble. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and thousands more remain caught in the cross-fire.

CARE is working relentlessly to provide life-saving assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt, and to those affected by the crisis inside Syria. To date, CARE has reached more than 2.34 million people with assistance. And we don’t intend to stop in 2017 or the next year. And we couldn’t do this without your support.

This past year also saw the devastations caused by Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane that struck Haiti, Cuba and other Caribbean countries in early October. Still vulnerable from the long-term effects of the 2010 earthquake, the people of Haiti were at particular risk. CARE’s emergency response team was on the ground ahead of the storm and will continue our response. Your support meant that hot meals were served, shelters rebuilt, hygiene kits and water tablets given to families and a helping hand offered every day.

Together, we have helped to alleviate poverty in more than 94 countries this year. Together, we have helped those affected by the harsh effects of El Nino. Together, we have provided better access to food for vulnerable people in countries like Ethiopia, Mali and Bolivia. Together, we have worked to end malnutrition in children under five as well as pregnant and nursing women in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. Together, we have empowered women, girls and their communities around the world to build a better life for themselves.

Despite the uncertainties, the crises and the instability felt in the world this year, and indeed because of these very uncertainties, one thing is clear – we must continue our efforts as passionately as ever. As a global organization, CARE will continue to move towards our unfaltering vision: a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

Together, because of your support, we will continue to provide emergency relief, sustainable development, local partnerships, learning, and hope for next year and many others to come.

Because of committed donors like you, lasting change is possible.


Once again, I wish to thank you most sincerely for your ongoing support. I take this opportunity to also wish you and your family a joyful and safe holiday season.

Gillian Barth
President and CEO