Aleppo update: 'A humanitarian catastrophe'

The following was provided to CARE from Dr. Abdelsalam Daif, the Turkey country director for Syria Relief and Development, one of CARE's partners working inside Syria. It is based on his conversation with those inside Aleppo today:

The current situation has never been worse here in Aleppo. Last night there was an attempt to evacuate 20 wounded based on the alleged truce agreement. After reaching the evacuation point, the Syrian government refused to let them out claiming that they were not informed about this truce or ceasefire. Then they were informed another evacuation would occur at 9 am this morning and instead of the evacuation, heavy bombing was renewed on Aleppo breaking the truce.

“[This afternoon] the attacks were severe and coming in many forms. About 10 cluster bombs hit the area and the injured are everywhere on the ground. The situation is truly horrendous.

“And it's a true humanitarian tragedy where we can say we are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe with every meaning of these words. We don't know what else can be done at this point but the situation is dire.

“The bombing and attacks continue and after people were waiting for the evacuation–even many left their homes waiting to leave–and the injured in cars waiting to leave–but unfortunately the attacks renewed and people faced more bombing as they waited for the evacuation and their only chance to feel safe. The truce was broken entirely.”


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