A World of Hope: Message from CARE CEO & Board Chair

A message from CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth and Chair of the Board of Directors Ken Sunquist

In the past year, Canadians showed the world a national mobilization to help Syria’s refugees. This country opened its doors to welcome new neighbours, despite whatever differences may seem to exist.

Amidst darkness, it really was a shining moment of humanity that made us all proud.

If we want to influence a world facing conflict, poverty and climate change, we must be motivated by such acts of kindness and willingness to work together. For CARE, a failure to operate in such a fashion would not only be irresponsible, it would be a disservice to those we are trying to reach.

Responding to today’s challenges requires an approach that blurs the line between traditionally separate development and humanitarian endeavours. This means emergency efforts that look beyond life-saving support to helping people move forward to be able to thrive, not just survive, despite persistent conflict and recurrent disasters.

It also means ensuring development programming can swiftly adjust to a major crisis and yet still maintain a long-term outlook.

Perhaps most importantly, we must be certain that our programs enable people to be more resilient and better prepared so our achievements can continue to be built upon rather than lost entirely should tragedy strike.

All of this comes with a firm commitment to put women and girls at the heart of our efforts because we know we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

CARE Canada's annual report for fiscal year 2016 will provide you with a snapshot of how CARE worked towards these ends in the past year. Whether it is in our response to the Syria crisis, helping families deal with drought in Ethiopia, or building resilience through savings groups and long-term programming, we must come together with local communities to deliver change that lasts.

Of course, none of this would be possible without a reservoir of goodwill and generosity from our donors, partners, volunteers and tireless staff who truly see beyond the darkness.

It is for this reason we remain inspired and have unrelenting hope for a better world.

Thank you.

To read CARE Canada's annual report and financial statements, visit: