Budget 2017 and Canadian International Assistance: New Investments in Women Crucial, says CARE Canada

CARE Canada experts are available to comment as the Government of Canada prepares to outline its approach for international assistance through its new strategy and Budget 2017.

The strategy comes after a series of consultations with the public and civil society, which closed in August 2016. This review was cited in last year’s budget as key to informing the government’s international assistance agenda in Budget 2017.

As a leading international humanitarian and development agency and long-time partner of the Canadian government, CARE Canada was eager to contribute to this process. In CARE Canada’s detailed submission to the review (available here), the organization emphasized the government’s need to focus its efforts on empowering the most marginalized people, particularly women, to fulfill their potential as agents of change.


From CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth:

“CARE’s experience has shown that when you invest in women, you can empower the future. It is critical the new international assistance strategy provides clear details on how Canada will help poor women create a better life for themselves and their entire community.

“Considerable effort has gone into producing this strategy and now it’s time for action. CARE is a long-time partner of the Government of Canada and we look forward to working together to support this vision.

“While this strategy is critical to outlining the Government’s international approach, we await Budget 2017 to see how the government intends to fully fund its positive statements and international ambitions.”

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