Action delayed: Budget 2017 offers no new funding for international assistance

The following statement is from CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth in response to the release of the 2017 Canadian Federal Budget:

Budget 2017 provided the Government of Canada with an opportunity to show leadership on how it intends to defend development gains and uphold its international commitments.

At this moment, 20 million people face starvation, over 65 million people have been forced from their homes, and the enactment of domestic policies abroad are putting millions of women and children at risk.

With foreign governments looking to slash assistance spending elsewhere, the need will only increase as millions of additional people are left vulnerable to emergencies, increased poverty and conflict.

CARE Canada welcomes the Government's reiteration of its commitment to supporting women and girls' empowerment, involvement in decision making and protection in vulnerable communities around the world.

Such efforts to empower women and girls to be true agents of change can only be realized through substantial, predictable and focused increases to the International Assistance Envelope.

Regrettably, the complete lack of new funding commitments for International Assistance in Budget 2017 does not uphold expectations for the positive role Canada can and must play in the world.

Despite the tragic situations unfolding in many countries today, we must not lose sight of the successes of the last two decades in drastically reducing extreme poverty and helping the world’s poorest people be more resilient for the future.

Budget 2017 points to the release of the Government’s new International Assistance strategy. We eagerly await this document, and look forward to working together with the Government of Canada to strengthen the impact and effectiveness of Canada’s international assistance.

In doing so, we look forward to seeing policies that will be adequately resourced from the outset that will enable the positive change it envisions for the future.


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