CARE Grateful to Canadians for Tremendous Generosity for Famine Relief

The following statement is from CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth:

The crises still unfolding across parts of Africa and Yemen have left millions facing hunger, malnutrition and the spread of deadly diseases such as cholera.

We are grateful to Canadians for their tremendous generosity and the Government of Canada for helping fight extreme hunger by matching private donations.

This support will help CARE provide urgent life-saving assistance and expand our efforts with Canadian-funded projects reaching more than a quarter of a million people. For example, the support of the Government of Canada will help us respond to the devastating cholera outbreak in Yemen, help women and children facing malnutrition in South Sudan, and assist refugees in Uganda and Niger.

While vital to immediately save lives, we must remember funding alone will not end these crises.

Canada must continue to work with the international community to push for urgent diplomatic solutions to end conflicts in Yemen, South Sudan and Nigeria. It’s also critical Canada advocate for unimpeded humanitarian access so aid workers can safely reach those in need and parties who target humanitarians are held accountable. Finally, we must find new ways to support nations hosting a massive influx of refugees due to crises left unresolved.

Canadians should be proud of their contribution to help. But the threat of famine still looms. We look forward to working with the Canadian government to translate this generosity into life-saving interventions and tackling the underlying causes of hunger and instability.


Note: As part of the Famine Relief Fund announcement, CARE Canada received $4.6 million from the Government of Canada. The support builds upon programming in Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia and Niger and will allow CARE to launch new projects in South Sudan and Uganda.

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Canadians can still donate to CARE’s emergency efforts in response to the crises in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria by visiting