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Archive for August 2017

A day in the life: A midwife treats women in the midst of conflict in northern Syria

As the Syria crisis enters its seventh year, civilians continue to bear the brunt of a conflict marked by unparalleled suffering, destruction and disregard for human life. An estimated 13.5 million people require humanitarian assistance, including 4.9 million people who are trapped in besieged and hard-to-reach areas, where they are exposed to grave threats. CARE…

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A day in the life: A midwife in a refugee camp in Uganda

Uganda has become one of the largest refugee hosting countries in the world. Currently, the settlement receives about 2,000 people on average but the numbers can peak again at any time. Imvepi refugee settlement hosts more than 110,000 refugees; almost three times the number of locals in the local community. Of the 1.2 million refugees…

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A Day in the life: A gender specialist in the midst of crisis around Lake Chad

Fatouma Zara is the Gender in Emergencies specialist with CARE’s Rapid Response Team. Fatouma works with our emergency teams to ensure gender remains at the heart of everything we do. Fatouma’s work has taken her to many countries including Cambodia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Turkey. Today we find her in Diffa, in the south east of…

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A day in the life: A female aid worker provides clean water in Yemen

Three years after the escalation of the conflict in Yemen, the country has the greatest level of humanitarian need in the world. Over 70 per cent of the population is in need of some form of humanitarian assistance; millions lack access to safe water and more than 60 per cent are of facing severe food…

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A Day in the life: Working in drought-hit Somalia

In the midst of a horrific drought, over 6.7 million people are in need of food and water in Somalia. The numbers of severely malnourished children are staggering at 1.4 million. Some 40,000 of them have dropped out of school, as the most vulnerable families often send their children to search for water or migrate…

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A Day in the life: A disaster risk reduction specialist in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the ten most vulnerable countries to climate change. The country is impacted by tropical storms, heavy precipitation and flooding. In November 2013, the country suffered the catastrophic devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded. CARE has implemented emergency and development projects in the Philippines with focus…

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