Sierra Leone Mudslide: Update

The following quote is from CARE Sierra Leone Country Director Evariste Sindayigaya in response to the devastating mudslide that hit communities in the capital Freetown on August 14:

“People are completely traumatized and fearful, because they don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I witnessed families wailing in a fit of tears as bodies of their loved ones were recovered from under the destructive path of the mudslide. Women and children told me they have not eaten in days because they lost everything in the floods and mudslide.

“The rain is not stopping, so there is a dangerous threat of more landslides in Regent and surrounding areas. The government is urging people to evacuate, but many with missing loved ones are hesitant to leave. There is also a high risk of a cholera outbreak as the floods and mudslides have contaminated water sources leaving many communities without clean drinking water.

“CARE is moving fast to distribute food, essential household items, clean drinking water and hygiene kits to prevent the spread of cholera and other waterborne diseases. We plan to reach 1,500 people in Regent and Kamayama in the next 24 hours.”


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