Top gifts for the world changer in your life

You likely know many people who have changed the world in one way or another. Your optimistic friend who has always found a way. Your niece who has never been silent about the issues that matter most.

World changers know that the world isn’t so big. It’s really as small and as close as we make it.

At CARE, we have learned that one person can change the world. It happens every day. Each CARE Gift can change the world for someone, so they’re perfect for someone in your life who is changing the world.

Here are our top 6 gifts for that world changer in your life.

CARE Gifts: Help a woman start a business

1. Help a woman start a business $100

When a woman starts a business, her children get better food, while other women and their families benefit from the knowledge she shares. This is the perfect gift for the Go-Getter in your life. Shop now >>

CARE Gifts: Clean water for a family

2. Clean water for a family $60

Give a gift that will provide a family with clean and safe water so they can stay healthy and use their time to go to school or work.Know someone in your life who loves to help others and make a difference. They are the Do-Gooder who will love this gift. Shop now >>

CARE Gifts: Send a girl to school

3. Send a girl to school for a year $75

Teachers, school materials, a safe learning environment and a solid meal all help young minds to grow and develop.The Lifelong Learner in your life will be ecstatic to receive this gift. Shop now >>

CARE Gifts: Water pump

4. Water pump $450

Provide clean, safe water to a whole community! This simple pump allows families to access clean water close to their homes instead of walking for hours every day. This gift and is just right for the Innovator in your life. Shop now >>

CARE Gifts: Midwife for a month

5. Midwife for a month $350

Looking for a gift for the Caregiver in your life? Maybe your mom or grandmother – that person who is always looking after everyone else.

A midwife for a month will keep a mother healthy and help her deliver a healthy baby. Shop now >>

CARE Gifts: Drought-resistant seeds

6. Drought-resistant seeds $40

Hardy seeds such as sorghum and maize can help farmer’s combat dry seasons and produce enough food for their families. This is the top gift for the Earth-lover in your life. Shop now >>

There is a perfect CARE gift for everyone on your list.

Wishing you and the change-makers on your list all the very best this holiday season!