A welcome step forward: CARE Canada response to Budget 2018

The following statement is from CARE Canada President and CEO Gillian Barth

Last year’s budget committed no new money to International Assistance. But it did contain a promise: a new policy would outline how Canada would deliver on its commitment to help the world’s most vulnerable people.

One year later, with an ambitious new Feminist International Assistance Policy in place, Budget 2018 marks a welcome first step towards more transparent, predictable and effective financing for international assistance.

CARE Canada welcomes Budget 2018’s commitment to an additional $2 billion over five years, following a schedule of increases to the International Assistance Envelope. This will provide a measure of certainty around Canada’s international assistance spending, and will allow for longer-term planning and more durable international assistance outcomes.

The effective implementation of this funding will require working closely in partnership with Canadian international assistance organizations who share the Government of Canada’s commitment to the success of the Feminist International Assistance Policy.

Beginning with an initial boost of almost nine per cent over last year’s international assistance budget, however, increases to international assistance will proceed at a rate of less than two per cent year-over-year from 2019 to 2023. This is insufficient to keep up with the rate of inflation.

CARE Canada warmly welcomes Budget 2018’s announcement of a dedicated pool of funding for humanitarian assistance. Set at $738 million for 2018-19, this brings the amount of funding set aside for lifesaving humanitarian response in line with historical spending, and will help ensure that resources do not have to be diverted away from other international assistance priorities in order to respond when emergencies strike. This announcement will allow Canada to respond more quickly and predictably to unexpected crises. It will be critical that this dedicated pool be regularly assessed to ensure it remains aligned with real needs.

As Canada prepares to host the world’s leading G7 economies around an agenda that includes a focus on financing for international development, Budget 2018 marks a welcome starting point.

CARE Canada looks forward to working with the Government of Canada to continue to raise ambition in line with Canadians’ desire for increased influence and compassion on the international stage. In today’s increasingly unequal yet interconnected world, this means increasing efforts to fight the world’s greatest challenges - poverty, instability, and climate change - while putting the world’s poorest women and girls at the centre of our efforts.


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