Myanmar refugees: What gets you through the day?

We asked refugees from Myanmar now living in camps in Bangladesh what gets them through the day. All of them fled from violence and unimaginable hardship. Within minutes, they had to leave everything behind. Six months later, this is what they say:

Rohima, age 40 from Myanmar

“We had to leave all of our cooking pots behind. I received this one from CARE but have not used it yet. I have kept it in box because I don’t want it to get dirty. It is my favorite item. Once we get a real gas stove, I will start using it,” says Rohima.

Nur-e-jannat, 35, from Myanmar

“We didn’t think we would get this much assistance here, we just wanted to save our lives. Everyone was killed, I can’t explain it. They tortured us, took little children, broke all the walls in our homes and burnt our villages. After everything I witnessed I can finally find peace at the women center. Meeting other women gives me hope,” says Nur-e-jannat.

Mohammed, 50, from Myanmar

“We used to climb up the hills and it was very difficult, especially in the rain. Children used to fall down but now they can use the railing. Now it is much better with the stairs CARE built in our camp,” says Mohammed.

Modina, 60, from Myanmar

“One night I had to go to the toilet but there was no light outside and the toilet was far away. I fell down and hurt my hips because I couldn’t see anything. But now CARE built a new toilet very close to my tent and I can more easily go,” says Modina.

Asmida, 18, from Myanmar

“I’m nine months pregnant. In Myanmar I was not able to see a doctor because the next hospital was too far away from our village. But here in Bangladesh I can go. I just saw a doctor because I had fever. That would not have been possible without the help I receive here,” says Asmida.

Rubina, 12, from Myanmar

“It is quite boring in the camp but I do my make-up every day. I like the different colours. My mum wants me to go to school but I want to learn how to sew,” says Rubina.

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