Suffering, Bloodshed in Syria Must Stop

CARE/Lucy Beck

CARE implores international community to find a way to end humanitarian tragedy

CARE calls on international powers to resume intense diplomatic efforts to bring an end to hostilities, guarantee the protection of civilians and ensure immediate access to populations in need. Without this, there will only be more fighting, more death, more displacement, and more suffering.

“The suffering of the Syrian people is beyond comprehension,” said Gillian Barth, president and CEO of CARE Canada. “The bloodshed has to stop, and aid workers have to get access to people in need. We must stay focused on the soaring humanitarian needs in Syria, where more than 13 million people require humanitarian assistance, including 5.6 million who are in acute need.”

Over the past seven years, civilians have borne the brunt of repeated and egregious war crimes, including alleged chemical attacks, the latest of which has killed more than 43 people in Douma and led to a retaliatory strike by the US.

CARE reminds all parties to this conflict of their obligations to ensure civilians are protected in line with International Humanitarian Law and have sustained and unhindered access to the humanitarian assistance that they need. As a humanitarian organization, we reiterate the importance of upholding international norms and the Geneva conventions forbidding the use of chemical weapons and targeting civilians more broadly.

“The horrors of this conflict painfully illustrate the need to adhere to International Humanitarian Law,” said Barth. “Civilians are not targets, schools are not targets and hospitals are not targets.”



Darcy Knoll
Communications Specialist | CARE Canada | 613-228-5641