Yemen update: 'The urgent need for peace needs to be the main focus'


Update on the humanitarian situation in Hodeidah and CARE’s support on the ground

The offensive on the key Yemeni port of Hodeidah began over a month ago. Today, the situation of people inside the city is dire, and the threat of an expected conflict still lingers. Although a temporary truce was announced a few days ago, intensive clashes continue in the districts of Al Tuhayata and Zabid.

“People are afraid. They are fleeing their houses, trying to find a safe space for themselves and their families elsewhere. In Hajjah, where I am working, more and more people are arriving. We are working around the clock. The situation is very worrying,“ says Bushra Aldukhainah, CARE area manager in Hajjah.

In total, more than 200,000 people have fled Hodeidah.

In Hajjah governorate the situation is currently calm, and CARE is responding with water and sanitation support for internally displaced people. Schools are hosting hundreds of people who have fled from Hodeidah, putting pressure on the water and sanitation system. CARE has helped people by rehabilitating 17 latrines as well as the water network, and installing a solar system to provide lighting for protection at night. CARE has also set up a handwashing place and plastic water tank that can hold 5,000 liters, and has distributed (hygiene items such as powder soap, bar soap and cleaning items.

“We are doing everything we can to make the place more livable. But if the numbers continue to rise, and the situation will continue to worsen, we are soon reaching the end of our capacity level,” says Aldukhainah.

In Amran, the situation is similarly dire. More than one hundred families from Hodeidah have sought refuge. In coordination with and support from WFP, UNICEF and UNFPA, CARE has started to distribute food and hygiene kits. CARE is also supporting women in the areas of protection and gender based violence.

“At this point the urgent need for peace in Yemen needs to be the main focus. Only peace can save the country from facing the worst humanitarian disaster ever,” says Johan Mooij CARE country director in Yemen. “We urgently need more funding to respond to the increasing number of people in need who have been displaced from Hodeida, while at the same time meeting the needs of the already most vulnerable communities.”


CARE has spokespeople available in Yemen. Contact:

Darcy Knoll
Communications Specialist | CARE Canada | 613-228-5641