Travel hacks to make your summer trips easy

Summer often feels like it just flies by. Are you planning another trip before fall? To make your late summer travel easier and more relaxing, we asked our employees to share their best travel tips.

Tips to make packing fast and easy

CARE Canada's staff give their best travel tips

For most of us, travel equals relaxation and escape. But it can also be stressful. We often pack too much or not enough! Do you know what to pack? Need some tips? Our team has some great ideas for you!

“Always bring clothes in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost (take my word for it).”
– Rebecca, Program Manager

“Keep your important documents at your fingertips, within easy reach, if possible in a large bag. Don’t laugh, it’s so convenient!”
– Ana, Executive Assistant

“Don’t fold your clothes — roll them. You’ll save space and avoid nasty wrinkles!”
– Gabrielle, Program Officer

A small, yet important detail: bring a good book!”
– Pierre, Country Office Manager

Good travel habits

CARE Canada's staff give their best travel tips

Traveling is more than just packing. There are airport delays, hotels to book, stops to plan, new countries to explore and new languages to decode. Here are our best tips for getting from Point A to Point B.

” Always bring toilet paper and facial tissues. You won’t need them until you really do!”
– Casey Program Manager

“Dress comfortably for the flight, with compression socks, no belt and no jewelry! It will be easier to get through the security gate at the airport. And bring a granola bar in your purse or backpack…just in case!
– Joanne, Senior Program Manager

“Make hostels your first choice, because you’ll meet lots of interesting people there. But opt for a private room, because interesting people also love to party late at night, make noise climbing into the top bunk and probably snore out of exhaustion once asleep.
– Melanie M, Safety & Security Lead

“Travel alone at least once in your life, especially if you’re young and trying to find yourself. It will help you become even more independent, learn more about yourself and connect with others. When you travel alone, you have a chance to talk to people you would never have approached otherwise. You do what you want, not what others might want to do. It’s sometimes fun to just think about yourself and listen to your own thoughts, without thinking too much. Either way, every decision you make is between you and yourself!”
– Mohammad, Information Technology

Where to go

CARE Canada's staff give their best travel tips

Don’t know where to unpack your bags? Do what’s called a “bucket list,” a list of places you ABSOLUTELY want to visit. If you’re looking for some inspiration, let the people on our team — who have set foot almost everywhere — guide you!

I love the scents and smells of Eastern Africa, and the people are so nice. I feel right at home there.”
– Laura, Director, Partnerships for Global Change

“Go to any country where tacos are on the menu! I love the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, with its small coastal villages and irresistible dishes. Seriously, I like to go where I’ve never been for the sheer pleasure of discovering new cultures, places and people. I like talking to the locals and experiencing new things day after day.”
– Melanie W, Human Resources

“I can’t suggest any particular place. The purpose of any trip is to appreciate the people you meet for who they are, for their magnificent culture and for what they do. Travelling is a gift when you can find happiness wherever you go.”
– Margaret, Senior Gender Advisor