15 Minutes on Giving and the Holidays

Episode Transcript

Kasia Souchen: 00:01 Hello and welcome to 15 minutes to change the world. Where in 15 minutes you can learn a bit more about the world and how you can help change it.

This holiday season CARE is bringing us together to end inequality. It is a time to slow down, take note of what you are grateful for and celebrate being together. We asked the next generation of CARE, the children of our staff members, what is their favourite way to get together and what is the meaning of gift giving and the holidays.

All around the world the holidays mean different things at different times of the year, but we know one thing we all have in common being together is what makes any day a holiday or just a regular day special.

Laura: 01:14 I’m Laura and I’m 12.

Milana: 01:16 Milana, I’m almost 4.

Margaret: 01:21 Margaret, 3.

Gabriela: 01:22 Uh Gabriela and I’m 12 years old.

Hudson: 01:24 Hudson, 5.

Leo: 01:26 Uh Leo, 6.

Tianna: 01:29 I’m Tianna. I’m eight years old.

Safoorah: 01:32 Safoorah, 6.

Margaret: 01:34 *laughing*

Margaret’s Dad: 01:37 *through laughter* This may take a bit.

Producers: 01:38 *through laughter* That’s okay.

Tianna: 01:40 We go to my grandparents and we do our tradition, which is opening nutcrackers and putting like opening those things that pop.

Safoorah: 01:49 I dress up in fancy dresses with pants. We go somewhere then we have fun.

Milana: 01:58 Me and my mom decorated.

Tianna: 02:01 Me and my cousin like to go play hide and seek outside in the snow a lot. Like we like to go play in the snow.

Hudson: 02:08 When I go snowboarding and I went with my cousin.

Leo: 02:13 She makes cookies!

Milana: 02:16 I like playing in snow. I made Olaf! And his head broke off.

Producers: 02:22 *through laughter* aww

Laura: 02:23 I think it was at school and I got my friend a present and I didn’t know it but it was the thing she’s always wanted for like like a long time. And then she got so excited and started crying and then I’m like, okay, you’re welcome.

Safoorah: 02:38 I made a snow globe from yesterday when I was at school and I showed my mom it today, when I was home she said that’s nice

Laura: 02:51 Some people aren’t as fortunate as us and we can help them.

Tianna: 02:56 Help people, girls get the equal right and help people who need it, destroyed homes and stuff because before then, boys got to go to school and girls didn’t, boys got to do a lot of things girls didn’t get to do. I like if somebody hurt, helping them up if they fall and I like helping people with their work, like I do a lot in class if they’re struggling. We’re doing a food drive right now a food drive and we do a lot of things where we get food, we get clothes, we get things that they might need.

Gabriela: 03:31 Um, help people around the world who need help. Um providing them with like necessary things like food, water and like clothes maybe.

Tianna: 03:42 I want to be able to help people that need like food and stuff.

Laura: 03:49 Bringing us together to end inequality.

Hudson: 03:51 Bringing us together to end inequality.

Gabriela: 03:56 Bringing us together to end inequality.

Leo: 03:59 Bringing us together to end inequality.

Safoorah: 04:05 Bringing us together to end inequality.

Tianna: 04:09 Bringing us together to end inequality.

Kasia Souchen: 04:15 Well that was very cute and I must say very inspiring. Thank you to the next generation of CARE. Those were the kids of some of our staff here at headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. Thank you to all the little ones who put on the big headphones and bravely spoke into the big mic. The kids shared special ways they get together over the holidays, traditions that are meaningful and the true purpose and spirit of gift giving, which is really about the giving and not the receiving. If you have little ones at home or not so little ones anymore and are looking for ways to make the holidays a bit more meaningful, here are three actionable ways you can do that.

First, inspire your kids to give and not just to receive kids love gifts and let’s be real who doesn’t? But gift giving, whether it be a gift from a store or something like a homemade bracelet leaves a lasting good feeling and inspires the spirit of giving back. Inspire that spirit from an early age and encourage your kid to give gifts big or small. Second, action speaks louder than words. We all know that you are your child’s greatest role model, so set an example and attitude about the holidays and gifts, giving. Stress the importance of being together with family or making thoughtful gifts together. Share those types of stories and themes over the holidays and act them out. Third, find a way to give back to your community or internationally and do it together as a family. Brainstorm with your kids something that you are all passionate about together. For example, if you’re into sports, do that as a family. Consider a local or international sports charity if feel education is important, look for ways to support education at home or abroad, if you like to bake or cook, bake something for a local community group or elderly neighbour. Doing something together will inspire and leave a lasting impression and form, hopefully some wonderful habits and traditions.

This is our last episode of 2018 thank you for listening and for all of your support. We hope to inspire you with more actionable tips in 2019 so please tune in on Spotify or iTunes for more episodes coming soon.