Four easy ways you can bring people together

Is scrolling through your social media feed, bits and bytes showing a screen, our best best to connect with each other? Though this can be a powerful tool, we can do more to bring people together, in real life, away from their phones, to make a change.

At CARE we are driven by the potential that each of us has to connect together and build a better world for today and tomorrow.

Here are four easy ways you can bring the people in your life together.

1) Host a dinner party

Nothing gets people together more than food. Love to cook? Invite over a bunch of friends to chat and connect over a yummy meal (or even some take-out!) Big meals are a great time to talk about what’s going on in the world, you can inspire those at your table to help you make a difference.

2) Have a games night

Have a games night

We all have at least one super competitive friend – whether it’s an intense game of soccer or a quiet game of go fish – they love to play well and they love to win. These friends will be easy to get in a room with a promise of some healthy competition, you can bring together a group with a common interest. See what else you all rally around, you maybe surprised at what you inspire in other people and what they inspire in you.

3) Hold a movie night

Hold a movie night

Take a night to get your friends together to binge watch your favourite TV show or movie series. Want to inspire yourself and your friends to make a change? Choose a documentary on a topic you all feel passionate about. You will leave your movie night feeling energized and no doubt full of ideas on how to make a difference together.

4) Host an event for change

Host an event for change

Plan a peaceful protest or get all your friends to join you in writing letters to your local government – the things you can do together are unlimited. Band together with the people you know who are equally passionate about issues around the world and you will have more impact together then you could ever have alone.

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