Stories on the impact of development work

To celebrate International Development Week we asked our staff how development work has impacted the people we work with and how it has impacted them. We share some of their stories below.

"When I was last in Tanzania, I was left inspired by how the voices of women and girls are being amplified through the work that CARE is doing. As an example, we asked rural women and girls to tell us what their top priorities were to improve labour and delivery facilities. They told us that lack of electricity at local health facilities made it difficult for women who went into labour at night, as they would be told to return home and wait until daylight, or to travel long distances to the nearest health centre. So CARE prioritized solar power for our health facility rehabilitation projects. Now we are told that they are seeing an increase of deliveries at night, improving women’s chances of a safe delivery. It was a simple and inexpensive solution identified by the women and girls with whom we work." – Rebecca Davidson, Program Manager

"When I was in the West Bank with CARE, seeing women entrepreneurs actually changing the communities they live in, changing hearts and minds and making a better, more equal future for their children, I felt so inspired. This is why we do the work we do, why we keep going and why we must continue to work together to make a better world." - Laura Banks, Marketing Officer

“When I visited a CARE project in Jordan, I had the pleasure of visiting a family owner of a small fruit shop in the outskirts of Amman. Listening to the couple relating how sickness and disability had impacted their business, and how the wife - by accessing financial and management training and opportunities to contract small loans - became empowered to revive the main source of income for the whole family (the fruit shop). On top of that she was able to pay university fees for her sons, and to dream of starting a natural soap making microenterprise of her own. I have many other inspiring stories of empowered women I have met through my work at CARE and they are the reason that brings us together to end inequality.” – Evelyne Morin, Women’s Economic Empowerment Program Team

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