United Nations Conference on funding for Yemen humanitarian response

As the Yemen crisis nears the four-year mark, the United Nations and the Governments of Sweden and Switzerland will convene the third High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen on February 26.


This is the third pledging meeting on the crisis and CARE is calling for the world to do everything it can to make sure this is the last. Discussions at the meeting will centre on a forecasted funding need of $4.2 billion USD for humanitarian response to the crisis in 2019.

For every 10 people in Yemen, eight are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. An estimated 7.2 million are women and girls are in urgent need of support.

With fathers at the frontline, mothers are forced to take full responsibility for the supporting their families in already difficult circumstances. Yemen was a poor country even before the war, and now after four years of conflict the situation is desperate.

“Due to a lack of funding, women are not getting the help they need and as a result many are dying. It is in our hands to prevent this from happening.”

Doctor Iftikar

CARE's Aden Area Manager

CARE is providing desperately-needed assistance to around one million people per month.
We are helping to:

  • train midwives and community health workers
  • support women with grants and skills training to start their own businesses
  • empower youth to access good learning opportunities
  • distribute food from the World Food Programme, as one of their biggest partners in Yemen

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