CARE package through the years

May 11th marks the anniversary of the day the first CARE package WAS ever delivered. So we're looking back at where it all began and how far we have come.

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Our story first began in 1945, when we sent CARE Packages to Europeans after the devastation of  the second world war.

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The first CARE packages were intended to provide meals for soldiers but when the war ended, packages continued to be produced to support all of those who were struggling after the war.

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The packages often contained things like meat, cocoa, milk powder, coffee and condensed milk  to help enrich the diets of those receiving the packages.

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Over the next ten years over 10 million packages were shipped to Germany alone.

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Since then our work has grown to address a changing world. We help women and girls in over 90 developing countries lift themselves and their families out of poverty and out of crisis.We develop solutions with women and girls and their communities to tackle the big issues facing them like climate change, economic empowerment, food security and emergency relief in times of crisis or disaster. Something that stayed the same since that first CARE package all those years ago - is that we wouldn't be able to do it without YOU!