Three things to do this Mother’s Day that keep on giving

We've all heard our moms (or mom-like figures) at some point in our lives say that they appreciate gifts, but they really just want to spend time together. We know that time can often be the most valuable thing you can give, so that's why for this Mother's Day we have put together a list of things you can do with your mom that also give back!


1) Clear out unused items

Go through your old toys together. Tell stories, relive memories and remind yourself how much another kid would enjoy all the toys you did. Put everything you no longer use or that you can part with into a bag and donate them to your local thrift store, children's charity or refugee charity. Your mom will feel so happy that some of your favourite childhood toys she gave you, will now bring joy to someone else.


2) Have a movie marathon

On a rainy spring day, or just a lazy Sunday what better way to spend some quality time then to have a movie marathon with mom! We suggest a movie that will teach you more about some change-making women in the world and maybe even inspire you and your mom to band together around a new cause. Here are a few of our suggestions on some movies about world-changing women.

Following the life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsberg - not only highlighted her exceptional achievements in her work life but also exploring how she has become a cultural icon.

After being convinced by her husband to ghost write a novel for him - as their success continues to grow, she fights to make her talents known and challenges beliefs on women's capabilities.

Follows the fight for women's right to vote in 1912 London, where women banded together sacrificing families, safety and not giving up on getting what they feel is right.

Fatuma Sharrif Noor with her 1-day-old baby (still unnamed) at the GIZ hospital in Ifo camp. 
Fatuma came to Ifo two months ago from Somalia.  There are about 300 deliveries per month at the GIZ  hospital and the facility is able to manage pregnancy complications. There is also a surgery theater.  CARE is the lead implementing partner for the bi-monthly  food distribution program run by WFP. The distribution cycle was recently moved from 9 days per cycle to 10 days in order to better serve the increased population. On an average day of food distribution, CARE distributes 300 metric tons of food for 39,000 people. During a normal cycle, CARE distributes a total of 3,000 metric tons to provide all registered refugees with 15 days of food equivalent of 2,100 kcal/day.

3) Help other moms around the world

Sit down with your mom and scroll through our gifts for caregivers. You could help stock a medical clinic or provide safe-baby delivery. Your mom can choose a gift that will help to change the life of moms and babies in need around the world.

What's better then a gift that will make both you and your mom feel good?