Photo Essay: Idlib Displacement

Insecurity and violent conflict continues in Idlib, Syria

Damaged Health Facility Syria

On May 28th, a Syria Relief and Development health facility, which is supported by CARE, was damaged by aerial bombardment. Located in southern Idlib, the building was severely damaged as a result of the blast that took place approximately 10 meters away. All staff are safe as the facility had previously suspended its operations due to an earlier airstrike which occurred on May 3rd.

The Emergency Situation

In the first three weeks of May 2019, around 270,000 people have been displaced due to continued violence in north-western Syria.

Displaced family in Idlib, Syria. Photo credit: Syria Relief.

"Despite our fatigue during travel and the continuous shelling, I felt so happy when I met my son, my brother and his wife. I haven’t seen them for more than a year. Despite our suffering inside the camp, we are glad that we survived. I cannot even imagine what could have happened to us if we stayed in Aleppo. I decided to leave with my family and leave our house to save our lives and our children," says Sara (whose name was changed for her protection).

Displaced family in Idlib, Syria. Photo credit: Syria Relief.

Hussein (name was changed for his protection) comes from Hama but has recently been displaced because of the increased violence. He moved to northern Idlib and now lives in a tent in the countryside. He spent the first period of his displacement with his family in a rented house. However, renting a house in the town is expensive and many families cannot afford living in a house. As a result, they move to camps near the town, just like Hussein. He moved to a camp near a town in northern Idlib hoping to help his family by saving some money.

Displaced family in Idlib, Syria. Photo credit: Syria Relief.

"The situation in the area is very bad. We have been here for a while and we have been through very difficult situations. I am an old man and I am ill. I cannot work because of my age and my condition. I decided to leave the house and move to a tent," Hussein said. "The tent is not warm. We need a safe shelter. There are so many families living in tents. The situation is very difficult and as you see there is no work here and the population is growing day by day."

Displaced family in Idlib, Syria. Photo credit: Syria Relief.

You can help provide life-saving assistance to those affected by the crisis in Syria.

CARE has reached approximately 2.7 million people inside Syria, providing life-saving emergency assistance to people affected by the conflict. We are providing food and emergency supplies to families and emergency medical equipment and support for women.