Your Back to School Gift Guide

Summer is quickly coming to an end and kids are starting to get ready to head back to school. As you’re running around checking things off your back to school list, why not add on some items that will help girls around the world who are hungry to learn. Here are our top 3 education gifts for kids around the world.

Numunma Elementary School has been operating for 11 years, making it quite a young school. It caters to children in grades Prep, 1 & 2. Children then move to the primary school nearby. There are three teachers at the school, including Vanessa (pictured first) who is the Teacher in Charge, and Namabo (pictured second) who has been working at the school for three years – and has never been paid. He continues to show up to work because of how passionate he is about education. One of his Grade 1 students is Minzo (pictured third) who is a good student and would like to be a nurse when she grows up. But the teachers, and her father Temai (pictured fourth, who is also a teacher at the nearby primary school) worry that with the standard of education in their remote region, children – especially girls - may not be able to achieve their dreams.
NUMUNMA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL’s told by Vanessa, Namabo, Minzo & Temai
My name is Vanessa. I am the Teacher in Charge at Numunma Elementary School. There are two teachers who I supervise. I help administer the school, and look after the teachers and the students and the surrounding community. I have worked here since 2015.
In 2015, the school was very run down. I had done my certificate of education but there was no money to pay me so I volunteered here all year in 2015. The Board saw that I had the potential to do the job so I was hired. I have to write monthly reports to the Provisional Education Office to let them know how the students and teachers are going.
The teachers here are very dedicated, and we all work together as a team. We all cooperate well as a group.
Education is very important in the lives of children. It is so important to impart skills and knowledge onto children. Girls’ education in particular is very important because girls need an education to find a better position in society. When girls are educated they are in a better position to get better jobs, and support th

1) School books

With schoolbooks in their native language, children can learn essential life skills that will serve as a foundation to their future development and will open up a world of possibilities later in life.

RS47603_180723_PNG_PKS_Numunma ES_JH_028

2) Train a teacher

Training a teacher helps provide an education and guidance to countless children for years to come. Trained teachers equip future generations while earning a steady income to help provide for their own families.

School girl Vietnam

3) Send a girl to school for a year

For young girls in developing countries, there is no gift more powerful than that of an education. CARE’s education programs provide children in some of the world’s poorest countries with access to teachers, school materials, a safe learning environment and a solid meal to help their young minds grow and develop.

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