Photo essay: Women farmers around the world

Women produce half of the world’s food, yet they’re often lacking the same access to resources—like tools, knowledge, access to markets—that men have. When you support women farmers around the world, you’re not only improving their lives, but the lives of their families and communities for generations to come.

Here are some powerful women farmers we’ve had the privilege of working with over the years:

Vaha Manirisoa's rice field, Madagascar.


In Madagascar, we’re teaching improved farming techniques and providing seeds that grow well in specific climates. Vaha is pictured here in her rice field where she’s TRIPLED her production thanks to her work with CARE!

Sandra Xiquin Chiroy, Guatemala.


Meet Sandra Xiquin Chiroy. She has two children and is an entrepreneur that grows carrots and peas. She, along with other women in the community, has received training on good farming practices, certification, advocacy and literacy. The women also learn how to negotiate with buyers and CARE helps them to get access to markets.

In Tanzania, CARE teaches farmers to grow and sell resilient and diverse crops like soy.


These lovely ladies are planting soy in the Iringa District. Soy has a healthy amount of nutrients including protein, which makes it an excellent addition to porridge and other staple meals. There is also high demand for soy in the local market. By educating women on processing the soy into a product they can sell, women farmers will be able to grow their income and have more decision-making power!

Charles and Stella grow coffee on their land in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea

“The first thing CARE taught us was how to look after the coffee plants, and how to look after our money. We were taught to develop a vision for our family, and make plans to achieve it. We were taught to share decision making for what to do with our money,” says Charles. He and his wife Stella have not only grown their coffee production, but they are helping their neighbours as well by sharing what they learned from CARE!

Afaf grows baby cucumber in the West Bank.

West Bank

Afaf was the first farmer and woman to grow baby cucumber in the West Bank. She is now recruiting her own staff to help the business grow. CARE is currently working with her to help her sell her products at a better and fixed price, connect her to buyers and help her increase her income.

You can help women farmers around the world increase their production, sell their produce, provide for their families and impact their communities.