Photo Essay: Family Farms Around the World

Did you know that family farms account for approximately 70 to 80% of farm land around the world?

William and Martha from Kukurina, Papua New Guinea

William and Martha from Kukurina, Papua New Guinea have eight children. Together, the family works to farm cacao.

“I hope my family has a cash flow in the future and source of income, which can help sustain it forever,” William said. “I want my family to be happy and to achieve our goals for the future.”

More than 80% of the world’s food value is produced by family farms

Arwa Abu Hnaish in Palestine

Arwa Abu Hnaish picks cucumbers on her family’s vegetable farm in the West Bank town of Furush Beit Dajan. In the West Bank, CARE works with local farmers to improve growing techniques.

Around the world, women perform nearly 50% of farm labor and yet hold only 15% of farm land

Francisco Guarchaj Tzaput, Guatemala

Francisco Guarchaj Tzaput, pictured with her granddaughter Catarina Carolina Rosario Rajpop, holds a variety of produce she has grown in her home gardening plot in Guatemala.

Francisco has joined a local women’s group supported by CARE which offers training on local farming techniques. She is learning how to plant a home plot and diversify crops. Before she bought everything at the market and now she grows what she needs.

More than 80 % of all farms around the world are smaller than two hectares

Elisa da Costa with husband Eduardo dos Santos

Elisa da Costa with husband Eduardo dos Santos are pictured here with their son in front of their coffee plants.

Elisa is the leader of CARE’s MAKA’AS group in her village in the Liquica District of East Timor. CARE’s MAKA’AS program aims to build the capacity of women and men in vulnerable households throughout six villages in East Timor in order to increase resilience to the impacts of climate change.

You can help family farmers around the world increase their production, sell their produce, provide for their families and feed their communities


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