The five scariest costumes for 2019

Late to the costume game this year? We’ve got you covered! Here are five of the scariest costumes we could think of for your trick-or-treating this year...

1. Climate Change

A warming earth means drought, floods and fires will become more commonplace, not to mention other extreme weather events like typhoons. The communities who contribute the least to a warming climate are the ones who are hit the hardest by its effects. For Halloween, bring awareness to the terrifying future faced by all of us on planet earth by dressing up as climate change. Once you’ve collected your candy, ensure you reuse and recycle your bounty (and everything else) – the time to act is now!


2. Apathy

With a new filter being added to each of your 20 social media apps every second* and smartphone use on the rise, people are connecting less and less in real time and in real life. Studies indicate there are links between social media use and depression among other social and mental issues. Dress up as a horribly lonely blue screen, but spend the night with your friends and not your phones. (*not a real stat)


3. Displacement

Thanks to costume number one and a suite of other global issues, more and more people are being forced from their homes. Around the world, millions of people are being forced to leave their communities and countries in search of shelter and safety. The idea of unsafe homes and communities is downright chilling. If you can’t imagine the idea of such a costume, just imagine the millions who live away from home and away from safety every day - including Halloween. Then go out and make a difference - chances are you have some household items or spare change to support those who have much less.


4. Division

With political commentary around the world indulged by the ways in which party lines keep us apart, the time is ripe for commentary by costume. Paint yourself in two colours or divide yourself into regions as indicated by imaginary political taglines or logos. Once you’ve chased all the ghouls away with your partisan banter, make time to learn about the perspectives and stories of others, build bridges to understanding or do whatever else you can to bring people together.


5. Inequality

There’s so many ways to illustrate this threat to human survival that it’s hard to choose just one. Keep things high-level by showing a scale out of balance. After you’re done at your Halloween shindig, ensure that each of your friends, no matter their race, gender or orientation has equal access to the loot – and their human rights!

Scary Halloween costumes not your thing? Keep an eye out for some of our staff ideas of how to rock empowered costumes.

Happy costuming!