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Unice, from Zambia who is the chairlady for Tujatane women’s credit group

Help a woman start a business

Unice is part of a savings group in Zambia called Tujatane, which means “let’s cooperate.” She received a loan from the group to grow her business She sells kapenta, small dry fish, spices and other traditional foods.

“Working with my fellow women has taught me the importance of cooperation and problem solving. Running my own business and earning my own income gives me happiness in knowing that my family have eaten well due to my hard work.”

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Give clean water

You might remember Precious, a young girl living in rural Zimbabwe who used to have to walk for hours to get water that was often contaminated. She had to contend with snakes and crocodiles. She spent time where she could be learning to make the long walk to the river.

CARE provided funding so that the village could drill a borehole for fresh water.

“I am so happy that it has been drilled. We no longer have to walk long distances to our rivers. I will be able to leave for school on time and without any disturbances to my lessons. We will no longer miss classes due to illnesses related to unclean water. Thank you CARE!”

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Send a girl to school for a year

Pheakany is nine years old and she’s in Grade 3. She lives with her parents and brother in a house right behind her school in a small village in Cambodia. She is a beneficiary of CARE’s Education for Ethnic Minorities program and is learning in two languages – her native language, Kreung, and the national language, Khmer.

“I come to school because I want to know how to read and write. I want to be a primary school teacher because I want to help other people to learn and get a job. Teacher Chorvey is my role model because she’s kind and gentle.”

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Emergency food for a child

Foods high in protein and calories help severely malnourished children gain weight and build strength. This ready-to-use food has saved the lives of thousands of malnourished children around the world, like Yasmin, who lives in a refugee and displaced persons camp in Bangladesh.

Buy this gift: emergency food for a child Refugee children playing in the snow in Sjenica

Winter warmth kit

Families in search of safety can struggle to stay warm. Shoes, waterproof jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, and wool socks can make all the difference for a family.

These children left their homes in Syria and now live in Sjenica, a town on a plateau in Southwestern Serbia, where temperatures in winter can drop down to minus 15-20 degrees Celsius. Thanks to your support, CARE and local partners are able to make sure refugees stay warm in cold temperatures.

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This year we are excited to announce that all CARE Gifts will be matched for double the impact! Any gift you purchase will be matched instantly turning your one gift into two. Choose from more than 40+ gifts for world change.


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