Top 5 Sustainable Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

2019 has seen a turning point when it comes to climate action, as we've seen with young people and the Fridays For Future movement. Are you thinking about giving a gift that doesn't harm the earth and maybe even helps it? Here are some ideas for sustainable gifts this holiday season (and even year-round!):

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1) Reusable items

Some of our favourites include tote bags, reusable straws and reusable snack bags—an easy swap for a lot of daily items in our cabinets that are single-use. Not only will your gift help the environment, but it will save the recipient money in the long run too!

2) Indoor garden

This is a great gift for your favourite foodies and gardeners during the cold winter months. The gift-getter will be able to get their food as local as you can (right in their own kitchen!) and reduce their food footprint. This great gift allows you to grow a garden year round including anything from herbs like basil and oregano to tomatoes and strawberries!

3) Gift experiences

A gift that requires no wrapping! Gift a cooking class, indoor rock climbing or a night out at the movies—people will love getting a gift that gets them out of the house to do something fun.

4) Shop second hand

You may have heard lots about sustainable fashion (we have an entire podcast episode on it!) and the waste it produces. It goes beyond clothing and includes toys, home wares and so much more. A way to counteract the impact so much mass production has on the environment is to buy previously loved items. Head to your local thrift store, garage sales or antique shops and give an item a much deserved second life!

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5) Shop CARE Gifts

Sustainable and a gift that gives back! Shop our CARE Gifts catalogue to find the perfect item for your loved ones. Want to be even more green? Choose to send one of our e-cards instead of a psychical card (these also make great last minute gifts!)