Gifts you’ll feel good to give this Valentine’s Day

Want to spread the love this Valentine's Day? We all want to show the loved ones in our lives how much we care, but gift giving can be stressful when you're also conscious about your impact on the environment. Amidst all the packaging and mass produced gift madness it can be hard to find the perfect gift. That's why we put together 4 easy gift ideas that are good for your loved ones and good for the planet too!

gift plant resize

1) Plants

Why give a gift that will only last for a few days, when you can give one with a longer lifespan! Instead of the typical bouquet of flowers opt for a potted plant for the love in your life. They can be nursed inside during the cold winter months and as the weather grows warmer (and the plant grows bigger) it can be moved to a garden where it can continue to flourish.

2) Sustainable chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate? Instead of grabbing a box of a popular name brand this year, find an option where the chocolate is produced locally and the cocoa is produced in a sustainable way. Want to go one step further and avoid as much packaging as possible? Bake a homemade sweet treat as an extra special gift from the heart.

gift cooking class

3) A cooking class

Try something different this year—instead of going out to a fancy meal, take a cooking class with your loved one(s). If you are really trying to reduce your impact look for some vegan or vegetarian cooking classes. You will get to spend time together, have a great meal and maybe find your next go-to party or every day dish!

4) CARE gifts

Sustainable and a gift that gives back! Shop our CARE Gifts catalogue to find the perfect item for your loved ones. Want to be even more green? Choose to send one of our e-cards instead of a psychical card (these also make great last minute gifts!).