Climate Change Puts Women and Girls at a Disadvantage

Climate Change Women

The poorest 1 billion people⁠—the majority of which are women and girls⁠—are responsible for just 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And yet, when conflict or disaster strikes, women and girls disproportionately face displacement, family separation, and the continual risk of violence.

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She Leads: Women in Leadership

We talk with Heather Barnabe, CEO of G(irls)20 about the importance of providing opportunities for women in leadership roles and the impact it has on our communities.

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CARE Calls Upon the EU to Respect the Rights of Refugees at their Borders

As several thousand refugees and asylum-seekers line Turkey’s border with the European Union, CARE denounces acts of violence against vulnerable groups seeking protection at Europe’s borders and calls for European member states to cooperate, share the responsibility, and accept refugees into Europe, including by offering safe asylum.

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