Surviving drought in Southern Zambia


Mutinta is 73 years old. She lives in southern Zambia, where drought is threatening health and lives. She looks after seven grandchildren as best she can, but the drought is making that very difficult.

Before the drought, Mutinta owned 30 chickens, 14 guinea fowls and 8 goats which she kept near her home. The drought has forced her to sell almost all her animals. She received enough money to help pay for food and education for her grand kids for now, but she doesn’t know where her income will come from in the future.

Mutinta has found work once a month at a nearby farm where she is given a bucket of maize as payment. The work can be difficult, but maize will usually last her family for a week. That leaves many weeks with little or no food available, so she and her grandchildren must forage to find wild fruits to survive.

“We are eating nuts and wild fruit, but the wild fruit is almost finished now. Now, what will we do?”

Mutinta is doing everything she can to support her family, and CARE is on the ground responding thanks to donors like you.

CARE is providing access to sustained water sources and ensuring that boreholes are fit to produce water. CARE is also monitoring government food distributions in 6 of the drought-hit districts.